Our consultants provides  high quality services in the following areas;

  • Reservoir management services and consultancy
  • PVT laboratory services
  • Environmental laboratory analysis studies and modelling
  • Wireline and well test services.
  • Tailored Training
  • Geological/Static modelling
  • Petrophysical analyses
  • Reservoir simulation study
  • Well test analysis
  • Reserve Estimation
  • Gaslift Design and optimization
  • Production system optimization/well problem diagnosis
  • Supervision of BHP tests
  • Integrated field studies.
  • Field sampling & storage of oil, gas & produced water.
  • Hydrocarbon fluids compositional analysis
  • Advanced hydrocarbon phase behaviour
  • Bubble/Dew point pressure determination
  • Constant composition expansion
  • Differential liberation.
  • Crude assay
  • Tracer sampling & analysis
  • Fingerprinting/Geochemical
  • Emulsion forming tendency & treatment.

Our consultants can also provide specialized Reservoir Studies, Asset Management, Provision of skilled Manpower and software. Some of our reservoir studies include:

Asset Management Consultancy:

In asset consultancy, we can supply a team of skilled geoscientists and engineers who function as core reservoir management professionals in the asset management teams of major and marginal field operators.

Seismic interpretation.

We also engage in seismic interpretation with full suite and standard geophysical workflow analyses using openworks and petrel softwares. We integrate all field relevant information into producing high quality interpretations.

Manpower and software supply:

Provide  skilled manpower and softwares to various clients.

PVT Laboratory Services:

These include;

Manpower Training/Development.

Provide geoscience and petroleum engineering training for fresh graduates and those already working in the oil and gas companies. Below are the training courses we offer;

Geoscience and Petroleum Engineering Short CoursesCOURSE DURATION
· Concepts in Static Modelling5 DAYS
· Static Reservoir Modelling· 5 DAYS
· Geostatistical Reservoir Modelling: standard approaches and best practices· 5 DAYS
· Petrophysical Analysis with HDS, Prism, techlog, petrel &geolog· 5 DAYS
· Well Log and Core Data Integration· 5 DAYS
· Integration of Well Log and Seismic Data· 5 DAYS
· Deep Water Petroleum System· 5 DAYS
· Deep Water Seismic Interpretation· 5 DAYS
· Prospect Evaluation, Risks and Volumes· 5 DAYS
· Practical Geological Aspects of Reservoir Description and Modelling· 5 DAYS
· Seismic Interpretation with Geographix· 5 DAYS
· Seismic Interpretation with PETREL· 5 DAYS
· Petroleum Exploration and Production· 5 DAYS
· Application of Basin Analysis to Petroleum Play Assessment· 5 DAYS
· Structural Geology· 5 DAYS
· Clastic Sedimentology for Exploration and Development· 5 DAYS
· Seismic Data Acquisition, Processing Interpretation· 5 DAYS
· Reservoir Engineering 1· 5 DAYS
· Advanced Reservoir Engineering· 5 DAYS
· PVT Sampling, Analysis and Modelling II· 5 DAYS
· Dynamic Modelling with Eclipse (RESERVOIR SIMULATION)· 5 DAYS
· Integrated Reservoir Study with Software(· 5 DAYS
· Reservoir Management & Monitoring· 5 DAYS
· Flow Assurance Study· 5 DAYS
· Practical Well Test Analysis· 5 DAYS
· Horizontal Wells BHP Analysis and Deliverability· 5 DAYS
· Introduction to Petroleum Industry· 5 DAYS
· Theoretical Principles of Crude Oil, Natural Gas and Condensate Reserve Estimation· 5 DAYS
· Basic Gas/ Liquid Chromatography· 5 DAYS
· Operation, Troubleshooting and Maintenance of Agilent 6890 & 7890 Gas Chromatographs· 5 DAYS
· Eclipse Blackoil Reservoir Simulation· 5 DAYS
· Eclipse Applied Reservoir Simulation· 5 DAYS
· Production System Analysis with Nodal Analysis· 5 DAYS
· Material Balance Study with MBAL and Decline Curve Analysis· 5 DAYS
· Well Surveillance: Production Enhancement Procedures· 5 DAYS
· Well Surveillance: Production Enhancement Procedures· 5 DAYS
· Gas-Lift Design and Optimization· 5 DAYS
· Advances in Production Engineering· 5 DAYS
· Hydrocarbon Phase Changes/Basic Production Operations· 5 DAYS
· Conventional Special Core Analysis Equipment· 5 DAYS
· Design, Specification and Maintenance of Process Facilities· 5 DAYS
· Field Development, Cost Estimation and Optimization· 5 DAYS
· Petroleum Economics· 5 DAYS
· Risk and Decision Analysis in Petroleum Engineering· 5 DAYS
· Natural Gas Reservoir Engineering· 5 DAYS
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